Masala Chaach

Deeko Dairy Masala Chaach

This staple Indian summer spiced buttermilk drink is refreshing, delicious and healthy. Made with buttermilk, spices and herbs can be served with lunch, dinner or any time of a day.

It is also known by various names throughout India – Sambhaaram, Morum Vellam, Majjige, Tak, Neer Mor.

Shelf life: 7 days when stored in cool and dry place.

Storage Conditions: Under Refrigeration (Below 8-degree Celsius)

Net Quantity:

350 ml

masala chhach
0 days

Shelf life

0 °C

Storage Conditions

0 Days

Shelf life

0 °C

Storage Conditions

masala chhach product specification

Product Specifications

Product Features


Reduces Blood Pressure


Fights Constipation


Cooling Effect


Helps in Detoxification


High in Vitamins and Nutrients


Prevents Dehydration

No need to refrigerate to open


Reduces Acidity

Stays fresh for two days after opening if kept in refrigerator

Best quality butter milk from Dairy

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What Our Client Says

R. Shankar
    R. Shankar

    Milk Lovers

    I am happy to inform you that the quality of milk of Deeko Dairy has really been good. I can believe the happy cows has blessed us all.


      Chhach Lovers

      First of all i would like to thanks deeko dairy who helped me to find out this better product. good taste. Thanks Deeko Dairy for this product.


        Dahi Lovers

        Deeko Dairy dahi is flavourful, thick and creamy. I use it even as replacement of cream while cooking. It is full of calcium and protein. Very healthy for growing kids. My whole family prefers it.


          Ghee Lovers

          Purity is just pure and the love in eating, Deeko Dairy Ghee with every needed food like paratha , rice , or dal tadka is the bestest part. The taste is absolutely traditional, the smell is so authentic.